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Mar 9 20033910k

The worlds first fleet wide deployment of Internet service for the commercial aircraft industry.

We all gather at 2pm on Sunday , with a click on the submit button, Tenzing making Internet history ( again ).

Congrats Tenzing and Cathay Pacific, in conjunction iwht Asia’s premie ISP, PCCW.



Hong Kong, March 10, 2003 - Cathay Pacific Airways, PCCW NETVIGATOR, and Tenzing Communications today announced a new partnership to offer the NETVIGATOR Inflight email service. The service will initially be offered on a free trial basis, from today until June, to passengers on 42 Cathay Pacific aircraft, over half of the airline's fleet. The entire Cathay Pacific fleet will be equipped with the service by the end of 2003.

Inflight access to email has become a priority for many passengers, allowing them to communicate inflight just as they would on the ground. The NETVIGATOR Inflight service allows passengers in First and Business Class, and the front rows in Economy Class, to send and receive email messages using their laptop computers. Passengers can register inflight or on the ground at http://inflight.netvigator.com. Meanwhile, all @netvigator.com email account holders are pre-registered for the service providing NETVIGATOR customers a simple and immediate access to inflight email using their existing user name and password.

Cathay Pacific was the first airline to commit to offering inflight email across its entire fleet. It was also the first to offer data connections to a high-speed onboard network. The service is made possible through the Tenzing network, which bridges the gap between earthbound ISP networks and the aircraft cabin. This unique system allows passengers to gain access anywhere - from halfway across the Pacific to the middle of Siberia.

Cathay Pacific Airways Director of Marketing James Barrington said: "We are looking forward to offering NETVIGATOR Inflight from this month on over half of our fleet. Cathay Pacific is the only airline in the world offering this level of connectivity."

Dominic Leung, Executive VP of PCCW's Consumer Group said: '"NETVIGATOR Inflight is part of our total solution in connectivity, extending internet access to customers from broadband at home to wireless hotspots in Hong Kong and now even email in the air.” PCCW NETVIGATOR is the first ISP in the world to offer inflight email.

Alan McGinnis, CEO of Seattle-based Tenzing Communications said: "Customers win when Tenzing, Cathay Pacific and PCCW work together to offer this inflight email solution. They get the right product at the right price, right now."

After the free trial period, there will be a number of pricing plans available to customers. The basic package offers the viewing of incoming emails' headers at US$9.95 per flight. Sending or retrieving the email and file attachments is charged at US$0.60 per kilobyte - equivalent to approximately one page of text. Customers can select to view the details of important messages only, helping them to manage costs. NETVIGATOR customers will enjoy special rates and exclusive privileges for NETVIGATOR Inflight.